Cyprus Today - Greatstone Auction on 8th July 2017

Cyprus Today - Greatstone Auction on 8th July 2017WITHOUT PREJUDICE

The agony drags on. It seems according to Cyprus Today’s offering that the auction of the Greystone site will take place on the 8th July 2017 and despite the many entreaties by the purchasers, the landowner wants his pound of flesh…allbeit from the wrong people. The real disgrace is that the Government continue to turn a blind eye even though a blind man would know what is happening is just plain WRONG.

Will the auction go ahead on the 8th July? Will Serdar Denktas be able to help? Will the Pope turn to Islam? Your guess is as good as mine.

What has happened to Olive Grove? God knows and he is not telling. I just hope they are not being manipulated into staying silent whilst the bank quietly fool them into thinking there is hope. If there is hope, if there is a plan to give these owners the justice they so richly deserve, then there is no need for silence. Silence only helps those who do not intend to be honourable.

Will Kulaksiz 5 ever hear the outcome of the Appeal that was heard on 4th October 2016? It is now 8 months since the judges went away to consider their verdict…the courts will shortly close for the summer recess and reopen late September….if nothing happens soon, the Appeal decision will be a year in coming and I suspect it will never come. Akfinans Bank Limited it seems will get their wish to outlive us all.

Hell will freeze over before justice for all becomes the norm in north Cyprus and with the climate changes, it is more likely to get even hotter in hell. Not good news for all those thieves and fraudsters that litter the property sector in north Cyprus, they will surely all rot in hell.

My advice to anyone looking for a home abroad….DO NOT BUY IN north CYPRUS … DO NOT INVEST IN north CYPRUS, it is injurious to your health and wealth.

Pauline Read

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1 comment to Cyprus Today – Greatstone Auction on 8th July 2017

  • fluter

    Justice in that place is reserved for relatives and the rich/influential!

    I have come to detest the place!