Akfinans Bank v K5 - Read Before Deciding To Buy in the TRNC


When I signed the Contract of Sale for my villa I really had no idea what lay ahead, a British trained advocate acting for me who assured me she would not part with my money until it was safe to do so…what could go wrong..famous last words. This was September 2005 and it was not until March 2008 that I found out how duplicitous the whole process of house purchase in the TRNC could be.

I have itemised all the awful things that happened to Agile and me and it is a matter of public record just how spiteful and vindictive Akfinans Bank have been towards us.


What is interesting is the level of malevolence applied when in essence….I have never harmed Akfinans Bank Limited …I have never taken anything that belonged to them…up until I found out about the mortgage they had put on my property….I had never had any dealings with them, never heard of them.

What is even more interesting is that they have had the opportunity to do the right thing on so many occasions and have chosen not to in favour of playing the part of the ‘wronged’ rather than what they really are in my opinion…the wrong doers.

They could have turned the ‘borrowers’ away as soon as they had the report they commissioned on the provenance of Kocan 7763 and 7793…they did not but rather chose to submit a charge on our property containing information they knew to be false.

They could ‘when the shit hit the fan’ have released the mortgage on our properties and just put it on the 3 owned by the borrowers. They chose not to even though they knew the interest rate they were applying was both outrageous and usurious.

They could have decided against auctioning our homes and both selling and buying them at auction. They chose this action in full knowledge of the fact that they knew it was wrong. The myth that they paid over 2million lira for them is just that, a myth. When you re both the buyer and seller…the money leaves the bank by the front door and returns to it by the back door…thus the cost to them in cold hard cash was the 83,000 lira (approx) they lent to the borrower. Using today’s rates, that is about £22,000 and they put a charge on 13 homes to secure it. Does anyone else think this is very fishy? 13 homes that they knew no longer were available for that purpose. Just 3 were, the three owned by the borrower.

They could have gone through the proper legal channels to obtain my villa, but they chose to break in and steal it, secure in the knowledge that the police would ‘ignore’ my protests and never investigate my written complaint against this travesty.

They could at any point between March 2008 and now have had an epiphany moment and done the right thing. They chose not to.

If it was not so insidious it would be funny to see Ertug Kader running round trying to get me prosecuted, deported even imprisioned if he could. Really…really…Mr Kader do you not yet realise…I have done nothing wrong….you have done everything wrong.

Now he has taken his persecution…some might even say stalking of me to the UK Police Authority in Worcester. Oh dear, what a shock it must have been to him to find they do not dance to his tune.

Mr Kader…I have not stolen from you….I have not intimidated you… I have not harassed you, I have not campaigned against you in an attempt to have you deported….I have never written anything untrue about the situation whereby you and your family now live in the villa I paid for. I do not owe you anything. You however owe me a great deal…the money I paid for my villa, the money I spent in making it into my dream home, the money I have spent on legal fees chasing that elusive thing called JUSTICE, the money you now owe me for 7 years rental when you have denied me the right to live in my villa, compensation for all the pain and suffering you cause me and Agile whilst he was still alive. An apology would be nice too. All of these things I intend to ask for from the ECHR if the Appeal goes against Kulaksiz 5 or if after a reasonable time the Appeal Court fail to render a verdict of the Appeal they heard on the 4th October 2016.

Your debt to me Mr Kader is enormous…..my debt to you is nothing…..I owe you nothing.

Never give in, never give up.

Pauline Read

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