Cyprus Today - Greatstone Auction Cancelled


The sagas of Olive Grove and Greatstone chunters on and as is usual in the Turkish Republic of Nationalised Corruption, the mental torture of those awaiting the outcome of these shameful actions also continues.

The planned Greatstone auction has been postponed.

As has been said on many, many occasions, the only people benefiting from this slow torture is the legal profession.

Here is the report that appears in today’s copy of Cyprus Today.


Still Kulaksiz 5 await the summons to court to be told the outcome of the Appeal heard on 4th October 2016, some 6 months plus ago. The decision that actually was being appealed was from the 4th December 2014….as you can see, time is never of the essence in the TRNC legal system, even though 3 of the original Kulaksiz 5 purchasers have died. I am in my 72nd year and one of the younger ones.

This week my good friend made the journey to TRNC to appear in court in her case which also dates back many years and is also property scam related. What a total waste of her holiday time from work, her money in airfares and accommodation and of course legal fees….it was not heard, even though she had been summoned to attend. There is no consideration for the people they are

damaging every time they treat them this way, and believe me I speak as someone who has had many such wastes of time to add to the 150 plus times I did actually make it into a court room. There is no empathy or compassion in north Cyprus, just a surplus of vultures waiting to pick one’s bones. My personal opinion of course.

Never give in, never give up.

Pauline Read.

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