North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today – 26/4/2014

North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today - 1/3/2014North Cyprus News – Cyprus Today – 26/4/2014


New junction is dangerous – the decision to allow a slip road to the Evviva Lavinium site on the Girne-Lefkosa road has brought criticism

Feat of endurance – an injured TRNC runner completed the London Marathon in 6 hours 13 minutes and raised £1300 for the Rugby Football Union Injured Players’ Foundation

Foreign spouses can each buy a property – and its quicker now that there are only 400 Permission To Purchase (PTP) applications outstanding and there is even a possibility that the PTP process may be scrapped. Editor: and unencumbered title deeds issued when the property is paid for?

‘Not enough’s been done’ a decade after Annan Plan – according TRNC Foreign Minister, Ozdil Nami Editor: who said that ‘what is needed is to…’ go on wait for it…’draw lessons from the past…’ no of course that wasn’t all, he also advised to ‘use regional dynamics.’ That’ll do it!


Power cuts – in Girne which will affect the area from Karaoglanoglu to Lapta from 9am-3pm on Monday.

Adopting the Euro may be a mistake‘ – if there is ever a settlement, of course.

North-South ‘real estate exchange Bill’ approved – so that Turkish Cypriots with property left behind in the south can swap them with Greek Cypriots who’ve left property in the north. Editor: that’ll be on top of the Greek Cypriot property in the north they’ve already been given and sold in exchange for the same property in the south?

Patient info site set upEditor: apparently the website is supposed to tell you how to complain and get compensation if you have problems with the state health system.  All it does is lists the European Charter of Patients’ Rights. That’ll do it then. Apparently it’s a pressure group ‘made up of solicitors…’ Oh dear, looks like it’ll recommend the same process you have to go through to not get justice for property fraud in the TRNC. That’s it, you guessed, pay a solicitor.

Solution on the way‘ – Editor: on the way where?


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