Cyprus Today - 25th June 2016

cyprus-todayHere is a summary of the articles which caught my interest.

‘Brexit Opens Pandora’s Box’ – ‘British Nationals will not be able to freely cross south to north’. We’ll probably also have only a 90 day visa issued when we arrive at Larnaca airport so if you live in the north and are staying over 90 days then think about flying to Ercan.

Evkaf mulls $100m hotel on beach island – on Escape Beach and could be the end of Altinkaya Restaurant.

Dog saved after abuse footage appears on social media – after a Girne dog owner was shown beating her dog it was taken from her.

Father of ‘snatched kids’ contemplates Interpol – the father of the children was awarded custody by a British court after their mother died after she moved to north Cyprus. Their grandmother was looking after them but they were allegedly taken from her as she was taking them to their father. The police have so far not been officially informed of a crime.

Heatwave victims inundate hospitals – 5 people have suffered heart attacks and 200 have been taken to hospital as temperatures rose to 45ºC in Lefkosa, for example.

Minimum wage up – 104TL per month, to 1834TL (£435) per month.

Turtle nests at risk from beach ramp – at the Zambak Holiday Village Beach in Tatlisu, despite being recommended for protection.

Towns ‘waiting in limbo’ for water to come on line – already water is being restricted to once every 15-20 days in some areas as people are still waiting for the promised ‘Turkish Water’ to come online. Many municipalities object to the fact that they may have to charge 5TL a ton for water, plus tax and charges, which now costs 4TL per ton.


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