North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today – 23/8/2014

North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today - 1/3/2014North Cyprus News – Cyprus Today – 23/8/2014

Bit of a yawn edition again I’m afraid. Yet again the front page says it all.


Four catch HIV in woman’s sex spree – a Turkish Cypriot woman passed the virus on to four men after her boyfriend was deported when he was tested positive. Lawyers are working towards making it illegal to ‘negligently, recklessly or intentionally transmit the virus.’ Editor: ‘negligently’ and ‘recklessly’ are terms which imply lack of knowledge that you are infected.

Foundations laid for TRNC’s first oncology hospitalEditor: apparently the foundations consisted of ‘ground-breaking’.

University ‘organ trafficking scandal’ sparks investigation – a kidney transplant between a 28-year-old Ukranian donor and a 75 year-old Israeli recipient was halted because it was feared then organ was trafficked. Editor: the nationalities of the donor and recipient are obviously important but there was no explanation why trafficking was suspected.

Rivals named in Presidential race – Kudret Ozersay WILL BE standing. Editor: I guess we only have to read to discover how important English speaking residents are to Ozersay’s Toparlaniyoruz – ‘The last  two weeks of 2012 were extremely busy…’


Police seize three kilos of gold – at Ercan airport. Several other people were arrested for exporting more than the allowed 10,000 Euros.

Turtle nest vandalised – one of the metal cages has been damaged and moved from over a nest. Editor: couldn’t be that someone has tripped over it in the night?

Ministry cracks down on salt levels in bread – because some bread has more than 1% salt. They are doing this ‘in a bid to tackle the TRNC’s soaring cancer rates’. They are also working towards removing salt from restaurant tables. Editor: unfortunately the link between salt and cancer has not been proved – although there is a link between poor driving habits and road deaths if they really want to prevent deaths.

‘Smuggled’ vegetables – government inspectors raided a supermarket and seized vegetables in response to a call saying the vegetables there were ‘smuggled’ and therefore not tested for pesticide levels. According to the supermarket owners the call was a hoax.

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