Greek Cypriot Student Caught With Terrorist Materials

Greek Cypriot StudentGreek Cypriot Student Caught With Terrorist Materials

A student who happens to be Greek Cypriot has been detained by the UK police for two reasons, both very much of interest to the anti terrorist police.

“At a hearing at the Old Bailey, the Southampton University business student pleaded guilty to a charge under the 2000 Terrorism Act of possessing an electronic version of the Anarchist Cookbook.” ¹

We all know that as a student interest in a variety of subjects is normal. However possession of that reading literature and flares is going to have to be explained. Yes we all know flares are common place at football matches and seem innocuous enough, but to be carrying them in your luggage and to board a plane has to be a no, no. Not the sort of luggage I want to be placed on a plane I am travelling on. The defence said that they would only have exploded in the event of a fire, well fires do happen.

This young man should think himself lucky it was a UK airport he was travelling from when he got caught, had it been a US airport, I tend to think he would be waking up this morning to a very different scenario.


Pauline Read

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