North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today – 19/4/2014

North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today - 1/3/2014North Cyprus News – Cyprus Today – 19/4/2014


Homes Issues on the table – Editor: where it will go no further, IMO. This is about a committee trying to solve the long dead Aga Saga rather than face up to the current K5 hot cake.

Chairman:BRS has to rebuild its credibility – after committee resigned en bloc. Vic Lundie had a heart attack during the meeting and still the slanging match continued. It seems that when a call for a vote of no confidence was shouted down the committee resigned. The meeting then went from bad to worse to farce. It did not end there because the ex-members have taken out a full page ad in Cyprus Today explaining why they stood down. Editor: looks like ex-pats will be looking for alternatives to BRS, e.g. the Anglo-Turkish Association (ATA) and The Foreign Residents (TFR) groups

New clampdown on traffic violations – off duty police have been given the authority to report traffic violations. Editor: when you watch a police car drive past a motorcyclist without a helmet or a car driver using their mobile phone you have to wonder what will change.

Man ‘shocked’ to be on UK fugitives list – Jeffrey Bloor, who jumped bail in the UK, was surprised that being suspected of money-laundering, race tipping offences and racehorse breeding fraud had resulted in his ‘most wanted’ list addition.


Third dog show in the TRNC lined up – the first Kyrenia National Dog Show is to be staged by the south’s Cyprus Kennel Club. Editor: somehow Hasan Behcet from the north managed to regularly take his dog to the south for competitions – how does that work?

Expat testifies in court for buyers of Kulaksiz 5 – Bob French for K5 testified he did not know until April 2008 there was a mortgage placed on November 2005 on the property he bought. Akan Kursat for Akfinans Bank said French was aware of the mortgage in July 2006 and produced an email to confirm this. Kursat also said that the buyers’ contract was invalid because they did not include the landowners’ authorisation for the properties to be sold. Editor: I’m sure Pauline will have more to say about this.


Asbestos scare over rubble left on Girne street

New method to combat insects – but only in Lefkosa

‘Undrinkable’ bottled water – tests on 17 brands of bottled water found that Asya Su and Amber Su were ‘microbiologically unsuitable’ but 15 more were OK. Editor: the brand I drink, Mey Su, was not on the list but Starlings Tam Su was.

Smoking ban under fire – bar owners are complaining the ban is effecting business while casinos, nightclubs and bars serving food are unaffected. The Ministry of Health appears to be ignoring the ban in its own buildings and in hospitals!

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