“This thread has been closed as per the written request by Hasan Sungur”

Hildy Smith and several other contributors to Cyprus 44 Forum were discussing Hasan Sungur and the problems at his Incesu site and then suddenly the 65 contributions were deleted “at his request”. Although Hildy blamed Sungur for her problems the balance of responses came from people pointing out that he was not the culprit and that his apparent offer of title deeds for £20,000 plus taxes seemed fair. That was until the thread was deleted and replaced by a “This thread has been closed as per the written request by Hasan Sungur” notice.

Hildy had started to produce quite compelling evidence of dodgy dealings which she said she had carefully documented and it was interesting to watch the to and fro  of arguments which typify the freedom of speech we take for granted in democratic countries. If someone says something which falsely suggests a criminal act has been committed then usually these comments are scrubbed. Instead all the comments disappeared in what seemed to be an act of malice.

People were left wondering what had been said that could have upset Sungur or more likely what was he afraid might be revealed with documentary evidence included. Hildy talked of having copies of every communication and it is possible that there was something she had which would put a different light on the matter. But we’ll never know, will we? Unfortunately, I for one, have been left with a different opinion of Hasan Sungur. He now appears to be a man with something to hide. I’m sure this is not true but appearances can be deceptive.

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