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When the Property Complaints Office was introduced in July 2007, I for one was relieved to see that at last someone was trying to sort out the mess of corruption and outright fraud that is spoiling the North Cyprus Property market. My complaint I thought would be in good hands and be investigated and maybe the Design and Construction company concerned could be bought to the table to discuss fulfilling the contract of sale. Sorry to disappoint you all, but after nearly three years I have heard nothing at all. It now seems like just another paper tiger. One can’t even say it’s all bark and no bite. They seem to spend more time changing their name than they do investigating property complaints.

Some people reading this may be aware of my blog at Today I have been contacted by the press and it looks like an article will be appearing internationally in the near future. Just the kind of advertising the depressed property market needs I should think. After having no response at all from my lawyer I asked for the money I had deposited with him to be returned to my account. He advises me, that my account number is wrong and this cannot be done. Funny, I paid into that account on my last trip. Maybe the bank has changed the account and my notification is in the post? If it wasn’t so much money it would be laughable. I have now sent another account number and await confirmation that the funds have been transferred as instructed. Experience, however, has shown that instructions are not what we in Europe think they are. Maybe they get acted upon and maybe not. It’s a bit like asking questions, maybe you get an answer maybe not. I’m still waiting for a reply to my question, “what do you intend to do about enforcing the contract I paid a fortune for you to draw up two years ago?” Still that was only on the 21st October, there’s still time (for what?) Why are my expectectations so low?

Well even as I write thist my lawyer has responded. Just a statement that the Building company now no longer states that the extras were the cause of the delay, but instead it is the material that I was supposed to bring from Germany. Was I supposed to bring a power cable, water pipe, connections for the swimming pool? A couple of cubic metres of gravel to level subsidences? A new set of doors and locks to replace the one that don’t fit. All in my hand luggage no doubt.  Possibly weighing more than 5kg? A payment request from this company is apparently the same as being kicked and punched. Just not in writing.

Finally just for the record: I saw an Armacon lorry last week and someone with a funny sense of humour had scratched the “Arma” off leaving the word “con.” No joke. (I’ve got witnesses)

Just adding up the costs of extra work done to fix the problems in the house. Of course all these are covered by the extremely watertight 5 year guarantee.

1) breaking out all the marble in the bathroom upstairs to fix the leaks and relay the same with waterproof cement and grouting GBP 5,500

2) breaking out all the marble flooring in the downstairs bathroom and relaying with waterproof cement and grouting 1,500 GBP

3) breaking out the marble floor in in the downstairs bathroom again  and relaying with waterproof cement and grouting after reconnecting the originally wrongly connected waterpipes  1,500 GBP

4) repairs to swimming pool terrace 800 GBP

5) Aircon unit Master bedroom (Pipes leaking due to bend fractures not visible) 150 GBP

6) Replacement pool pump and filter assembly (Original packed up after 2 weeks) 600 GBP

7) redecoration of ceilings and walls due to leaking pipes 200 GBP

8) replacement Aquafor pump and control unit   80 GBP

9) resiting the above as it was too far away from the watertank to pump water 100GBP

10) having the leaking roof tank resoldered 50 GBP

11) removing the faulty window and having the same bricked up and plastered. 300 GBP

12) replacing all the door locks 100 GBP

13) putting in own meter for builder’s electric 400GBP was cheaper than the monthly builder’s demand for electricity for an unoccupied house.

14) fixing all the window and sliding door locks 120 GBP

15) fixing leaking flexihoses under sinks and washbasins 75 GBP

16)Reconnecting the washing machine outlet to the cold supply (Armacon seem to think hot is the answer to most connections) 100GBP

17) replacing the downstairs loo breaking out the marble again, because the hot water had irreversibly damaged the cistern. 400GBP

18) Repaint and rerender the outside of the house after just 12 months after being beaten up. 1,400 GBP

Total on cost 13,815 GBP

Plus the electricity connection charges of over 2,700 GBP

Now we just have to pay for the site amalgamation and the parcelisation, maybe contribute to the building of the access road as well, possibly another 5000 GBP just to get a Kocan.

Extra Legal costs 500GPB and umpteen flights over to try and sort things.

Buying is cheap easy and only for dummies. I know I’m one of them.

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