Hairdressers Part 2

It seems that Gez the hairdresser, accused of having a forged level 3 certificate, may have also been breaking a minimum price law. Apparently, if you discover that a “Class C” hairdresser is charging you less than 25 TL for a cut and dry then you should report them. The Cyprus Turkish Hairdresser’s Union (KTKB) infers n Cyprus Today (29/8/09) that only illegal workers and uncertified hairdressers could charge lower prices as they are avoiding paying their taxes and are breaking health and safety laws. They could not possibly be trying to attract customers away from competitors. They would need a Level 4 Salon Management certificate in order to show that kind of business acumen, a rarity in these parts.

It does seem strange that the government is allowing legislation to forces prices up, whilst they are trying to force wages down. Whilst minimum price rules are essential for closed shops such as hairdressing, if the government are not careful north Cyprus will become a country full of people with DIY haircuts. Personally I believe that the Cyprus Today article may have got it wrong because if hairdressers were forced to charge minimum prices surely the next step would be for all the other industries to ask for the same privilege, for example a bar having to stop their “happy hour” because the minimum price of an Efes was 5 TL. A shudder passes around the British community at the thought that such a legislation could be even talked about.

To be fair, customers visiting hairdressers are more concerned about actual prices being displayed rather than minimum prices. One customer we heard of was given a price verbally but when they came to pay the bill was charged double that quoted price. There was no price list to point to in order to argue they had been overcharged and in the end they paid up and never returned. It seemed to me that the Cyprus Turkish Hairdresser’s Union would be doing the profession a lot more good if they insisted that their members displayed a price list.

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