Invitation to the Funeral of the North Cyprus Property Market – 6/5/2012

Just two weeks tomorrow the next Auction will take place. I say will take place but let us hope that the Government will step in and stop this Violation of the Human Rights of the purchasers. The Government say the landowner is owed a great deal of money. The Government says that this process is legal, indeed it is here in North Cyprus. The landowner is a well known and well respected business man here in North Cyprus. So many questions come from this situation.

1. Why did a well known and well respected business man go into business with a well known felon and his partner in Aga Development Limited?

2. Why did the Government give Citizenship to Gary John Robb who they must have known was wanted by the British Government on drugs and money laundering charges?

3. Why did the Government allow the setting up of Aga Development Limited at all?

4. Why, when there is so much damning evidence in the Judges Report from the High Court case, this report dated the 30/03/2012, against Gary Robb’s legal advisers Talat Kursat and his partner shareholder Akan Kursat also a partner in the legal firm Talat Kursat? Why does the Government NOT order a full and impartial enquiry into the many criminal allegations made against this legal firm? The UK High Court Judge was convinced of criminal conspiracy but the TRNC Government ignored the opinion of this learned man.

5. Why are the Government allowing these innocent purchasers to be further victimised by allowing the sale of their property?

So many questions and NO answers. When will the Government wake up and smell the coffee? To allow this to happen will be another of the very many infringement of Human Rights happening in this country. A country that is recognised only by the Republic of Turkey, a country that is having its Human Rights violated Internationally and yet thinks it is alright to do the same thing to its guests and investors. You Could Not Make It Up.

The Auction is set to take place on the 6th May 2012 at the coffee shop opposite Girne District Court. If you intend to attend, please act with the dignity that befits a funeral, wear a black armband. You will be attending a funeral for the death of the property sector in North Cyprus. R.I.P.

O B Joyful

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