Oh my God, so Cyprus Today is playing catch up!

Oh my God, so Cyprus Today is playing catch up!

Well let’s look at their facts, according to the Ministry of the Interior the poor people who will lose their dreams and their money if the Auction on the 6th May 2012 takes place will not be made homeless. Well that’s alright then is it? A caring sharing Government department who actually told the representatives of Stop the Blackmail that even if their were people living in the properties it still would only be postponed and NOT cancelled. Yes Mr. Iyikal, you most certainly did tell Stop the Blackmail representatives that there were 900 dosiers of properties to go to Auction in July and August. Excuse me, but surely the Census took place on the 4th December 2011, not the 27th November so the excuse CT are using for the first proposed Auction being postponed is the brown steaming stuff that falls from a Bull’s backside.

Now Ms Stokes’s idea that having an auction is not necessarily a bad thing is falling on deaf ears when heard by K5 or the victims of the Karmi/Robb auction since they are so far down the list of creditors as to have no hope at all. I am sure the Tutuska victims also wonder where she is coming from since there are so many memorandums on their properties that they too do not have a ‘cat in hells’ chance of recovering a kurus of their money. Heaven forbid that the landowner who knowingly went into business with a crook should suffer, and the fact that he is a well known Turkish Cypriot with allegedly good connections high up, will have nothing to do with the decision. In fact Ms Stokes, I really cannot think of one instance where ex-pat purchasers and indeed Turkish Cypriot purchasers are not so far down the list of creditors that they would benefit from an auction. If there are such cases, they are certainly very few and far between.

Do we take the latest “new hope” as seriously as the formation of the “5 Wisemen Commitee” announced in Cyprus Today attributed to Ersin Tatar the Finance Minister? You all remember that joke, announced on Saturday, withdrawn by the following Saturday. The committee that was going to address the Kulaksiz 5 problem then move on to the rest. The Committee was disbanded because there was no legal remedy – really then what about Mortgage Law 11/78?

This Government is more interested in collecting the 10% from those who let their homes than righting the very serious wrongs, they the Government have allowed to happen in the Property sector. How dare they think it is alright to sell off properties of innocent victims, whether finished or not. NEWSFLASH for the Government – people would be living in their homes if YOU had kept your eye on the ball, if YOU have regulated the Property Sector, if YOU had not given Citizenship to a British Felon, if YOU did not kowtow to the rich Bank owners, if YOU the Government had a conscience. Kulaksiz means EARLESS, perhaps being EARLESS is a contagious disease and all the members of the Government are affected.

Lou B Loo

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