North Cyprus Property | Yet Another Court Case


North Cyprus Property | Yet Another Court Case

I started this week with a court appearance and will end it with one on Friday.

Today was the appearance for the 5th Libel case of which I am one of eight defendants.  My advocate was there when I arrived as was the advocates for some of the other defendants. The only one that appeared to be missing was the advocate for the bank and indeed, unless my new specs are faulty, s/he did not show.

A new date of the 19th September was set.

On Friday I will be at the Supreme Court for the Mandamus case. My understanding is that since the Tapu have commenced with doing their duty, this will be reported to the court. I have no idea if anything else will happen or indeed if the Judges will just rubber stamp the action that has started.

I do not expect any auction undertaken to yield a bidder but that is just my personal opinion.

Pauline Ann Read

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