Cyprus News | The Mystery of Rupert Murdoch and NCFP?

Cyprus News | The Mystery of Rupert Murdoch and NCFP?Cyprus News | The Mystery of Rupert Murdoch and NCFP?

Oh dear Mr Editor, that same old chestnut has been resurrected yet again. Clearly this online newspaper is earning mega bucks and you are keeping them all to yourself.

Someone is yet again spouting on about why the link to her/their FaceBook page from NCFP was stopped. Apparently it was such a big earner for you Mr Editor, and me, although what your wife might have to say about that, I do not know. Your online newspaper that covers in the main, events and news in north Cyprus and is run on a shoestring obviously is envied by some.

I have been giving this some thought and I have to ask you Mr Editor, are you related to Rupert Murdoch and is NCFP part of his huge media empire? Have you been holding out on me and getting me to work for nothing all these years whilst you have been coining it in? Are you in fact a media mogul.

Yes of course I jest.

Anyone with half a brain would realise a publication like NCFP is too small and the limited advertising too little to turn anything resembling a profit, never mind being able to afford to pay contributors. Do any of these critics realise how stupid they sound?

What really is hilarious is that one of the ex-con members said of me, “Good god their are some greedy grabbing cows about!!” (spelling his, not mine). Moo to you too. I cannot disagree with him, I am sure he knows many.

Envy is such an ugly thing and totally unnecessary on this occasion. I take the view that whilst they are having a go at me, they are leaving someone else alone.

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