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North Cyprus Property Victims – The Wheels on The Bus

Another initiative was announced to help North Cyprus Property Victims. This time, let us hope this one is honoured and there is a very positive outcome for existing victims as well as helping potential purchasers. If there is no resolution to existing problems, I do not see how the property industry can move forward in the TRNC.

We all remember the hope we pinned on other initiatives of the past. Perhaps the new Task Force can look at their aims and remind themselves why it failed.

“To widespread acclaim the Government has announced the setting up of a task force to resolve the TRNC’s major Property problems.

This follows on representations to the Government and recent High Court Judgements that have highlighted wrongdoing in some cases potentially criminal action by some Landlords & Builders & Banks and their advisors in misleading the Lower Courts resulting in mistaken Judgements.

The first priority of the new Task Force must be to relieve those threatened and help restore the home property market so that all can benefit from the resulting prosperity that this will bring.

Many have been shocked by the injustice served to house buyers in the TRNC, its impact on the TRNC reputation internationally and the lack of past Governments effective action to do anything about it.

The Making North Cyprus Better (MNCB) & British Residents Society (BRS) welcome this holistic Government initiative. They consider it essential that the TRNC Government take urgent action, to ensure that.

1) Mortgage repossession proceedings are suspended with regard to all homes in TRNC subject to third party stealth Mortgages, until enacting new laws or reinforcing existing laws.

2) The rules of Equity & Mortgage Laws prevail in North Cyprus and any indirect way of stealing is not allowed. There should be heavy penalties for ignoring TRNC laws or attempting to mislead the Courts.

3) Bring PTP processes in line with international practise. With the exceptions of undesirable aliens and sensitive designated land areas, that “Permission to Purchase” is a quick process with only standard police checks.

4) That Home buyers’ contracts entered in good faith are binding and are unequivocally respected by the Courts. This be reinforced by the introduction of Specific Performance legislation.

5) The Government should have the Central Bank notify all Banks that the rules of TRNC Mortgage Law 11/78 cannot be ignored, it will enforced by the Tapu and the Courts. That for the avoidance of doubt, any creditor needs to search and declare any houses on any security offered and that any existing contracts with home buyers are respected & legally binding on any creditor.

6) In line with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, peoples homes cannot be taken away from them without their knowledge. When a landowner, developer or creditor allows a home to be built or sold they are legally bound by the sales contracts and unable to enrich themselves at the home buyers expense.

7) Title (Kocan) should be freely transferred to home buyers as soon as they have completed their contracted obligations without any further additional payment to any creditor, landowner, developer or advisor.

The Government confirm that TRNC Title (Kocan) are secure and they are the ultimate Guarantor in the case of any challenge.

The TRNC property problem is dramatised in the Documentary DVD “Banks Behaving Badly” which depicts the problems of a typical TRNC home buyer group of victims.”

I applaud all the hard work put in by the Make North Cyprus Better team. We all remember the hope we all put into the formation of the Property Complaints Office back in 2007



End of May 2007 Threatened protest outside Parliament…

1st June 2007 Promise of Property Complaints Office

August 2007 Property Complaints Office established

Nov. 2007 Title of PCO watered down

Dec 2007 PCO said to be failing.

????????? Quietly disappeared.

Who remembers the 5 wisemen committee set up, we were told, to solve the K5 problem first then move on to other property victims, this lasted ONE WEEK.


The committee consisting of the TRNC Turkish Ambassador, the UK Turkish Ambassador and Lord Maginnis. I don’t know what happened to that initiative either.

We can only now hope and pray this time they really mean it. Time will tell.

Pauline Ann Read

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