North Cyprus Property Victims | Focusing on Justice For Victims

North Cyprus Property Victims – Focusing on Justice For Victims

Life goes through various stages and it really is true, ‘when one door closes, another one opens’. I have certainly found this to be very true.

How long I will remain in the UK is an unknown but I will treat every day here as a bonus and use it to its full extent. Will being here stop me from fighting for all the property victims (myself included) in north Cyprus? What do you think? Indeed it will give me a degree of freedom I never had in north Cyprus.

It is not my intention to ‘slag off’ north Cyprus. Why would I? You cannot blame a country for the wrong doings of a few rotten apples. Some home grown apples and some imports. That north Cyprus needs some T.L.C. is a given and I believe with people like Sibel Siber and the new Government in place, this could happen. I pray it does for the sake of all those living in north Cyprus, the Turkish Cypriots who deserve a better future and all the guests living in north Cyprus.

My only aim is to see property scam victims treated properly and fairly and for the Government to recognise their duty in sorting out this mess and then moving on to a better and prosperous future. One cannot come without the other.

What is really sad is the misuse of the Libel laws to silence the critics of corruption. This must be addressed and the courts should recognise when they are being used as a bludgeon to silence the innocent.

What is important is that there is a new regime, let us see if this regime can tackle and solve this huge problem.

Never give in never give up.

Pauline Ann Read

I will not bore anyone with the recent events that have shown how desperate some to those who see their income at risk resorted to demonising me and anyone who supports me. This tactic was used unsuccessfully by a certain Bank and did not work then either. That is past and belongs in the past.

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