North Cyprus Property Victims | Secret Hate Group

North Cyprus Property Victims | Secret Hate GroupWITHOUT PREJUDICE

North Cyprus Property Victims – Secret Hate Group

The Hate group set up and calling for my deportation has now been made into a secret group. Well, fat lot of use that will be to them. The only upside for them is that they can add even more people without their knowledge or consent.

The reason they give for this change is that they have achieved their aim. Oh, I am pleased for them, would that be to make themselves look like complete fools? I think they achieved that the minute they actually formed such a group.

Since their intelligence quotient is minus whatever figure you care to pluck out of the air, the combined figure of the key members that is, then you really have to laugh. Most members are not even aware of their membership and the few that are suck up to the bullies who run the group. The main bully, ‘Hak’, seems to have abandoned the group, perhaps thinking announcing his own death was not his finest hour and how can you ‘live up’ to such a claim…posting posthumously maybe.

Well considering that he never existed, dying is not that big a deal. I have even been accused of being unfeeling about his death, now come on guys, there is a limit. ‘Hak’ has, however, maintained his membership in all his female forms. I am sure Freud would be able to explain the reason for that but frankly who would be interested? A psychotic advocate with multiple female personalities, too deep for me.

It seems they cast me in the role of a bully. Little ‘ol me who could not blow the skin off a rice pudding.

Being a bully is rather mild in comparison to all the other roles they cast me in, but I guess name calling is about the level of their intellect.

Why do I bother you might ask? I bother because injustice is not right. I bother because further violating victims is not right. I bother because I care. I bother because I can.

To the Hate group and their following I say….keep making your ridiculous threats and claims, it makes you look like just what you are…pathetic and only able to function in numbers.

Never give in never give up.

Pauline Read

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