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North Cyprus Property Victims – ‘Pauline Keep Your Trap Shut’

This is what I was told about the K5 fiasco, and also told to keep stum about it. However since it is now in Cyprus Today, I do not feel bound by any promise I made.

Because the 14th October was the beginning of Bayram, Boysan Boyra’s secretary called the court Registrar’s office to check that our main case would be heard that day. She made the phone call on the 11th October as the 14th was the eve of Bayram so the court would be closed at 12.00 noon. She was told that the case was rescheduled to the 28th October.

Late on Friday 25th October Boysan’s office discovered that the case went ahead on the 14th as scheduled and the judge cancelled our main case as neither us or our advocate were there. I had been told it had been cancelled, or I would have been there.

Our legal team have applied to the court to re-instate our main case, and a date had been set for the 22nd November to hear this application. He also applied for and was granted an interim injunction to protect the remainder of the properties until this application has been heard. This appears to mean that the hard earned Injunction granted by the Supreme Court had also been cancelled, it must be remembered that the same judge who cancelled the case on the 14th October, had also said NO to the Injunction on several occasions and indeed it was his decision that was overturned by the Supreme Court on the 14th February 2013. No further comment I could make would be publishable.

Our Advocate says this has now happened to him seven times in his legal career. In the previous 6 cases things were always reinstated so he was not concerned about the outcome. Great for him, too late for Walter McCluskey and Mike Watkin-Jones. How many of us will live to see the end of this travesty?

Maybe, and perhaps I am being optimistic, but maybe if the case is not re-instated, we will be deemed to have exhausted all legal remedies in the TRNC and can then continue with the ECHR in Strasbourg.

God help us all, K5 and all other North Cyprus Property Victims.

Pauline Ann Read



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