North Cyprus Property Victims | NCF’s ‘Newsferret’ Misinforms


North Cyprus Property Victims – NCF’s ‘Newsferret’ Misinforms

As the subject of the ridiculous rumour that I had been arrested, kept in custody for three days then released, I find it incredible that North Cyprus Free Press is being quoted as a source of this misinformation. Hardly Mr Ferret.

“Re: Newsferret / NEWS Please read !

Postby Newsferret » Tue Nov 05, 2013 10:17 pm

*********** wrote:I presume this relates to the Pauline read thread.

I always do look at the ‘source’, but this one did not have one quoted at the bottom. If it had, then I would have left my comments there. I was not shooting the messenger, but needed to give my opinion somewhere. Feel free to pass it to the right ‘source’

a specific source was not given on that topic other than northcyprus free press embargoed forum and face book BUT this is NOT THE FIRST TIME FERRET HAS BEEN ATTACKED , so IT is thought bestto clarify.”

Now it seems we are to believe the misinformation was in the form of an enquiry on Embargoed forum and not a news item after all.

I have to ask you Mr Editor on NCFP, did you report that I had been arrested, after all surely Mr Ferret would not say something that is untrue….oh yes he did, didn’t he? [Editor: Oh yes he did!]

I know I didn’t report it, for the simple reason, I was not arrested. How strange that in fact the only place that it was reported was on the Hate Page where Mr Nigel Watson’s alleged alter ego John Good is a member. Isn’t Mr Watson also allegedly Newsferret.

Whilst one would never cast aspersions on the character of a serious journalist, one does have to wonder, doesn’t one? [Editor: Oh, no one doesn’t! 🙂


The Government are not the slightest bit interested in me, sad for some, but true.

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