North Cyprus Property Victims | Lift the Embargo!


North Cyprus Property Victims – Lift the Embargo!

I guess there are some in north Cyprus for whom the lifting of Embargoes will be a definite disadvantage.

I refer of course to those who have used the situation to their advantage. The greedy, the unpatriotic and the fraudsters. Embargoes have given them the ‘dark’ they need to ply their trade. We all know that darkness is needed when you grow delicious things like mushrooms, but mushrooms are fungi which, like mould, which can be dangerous. Poisonous fungi can kill and these people who have profited from north Cyprus’s isolation are killing their country and its reputation as surely as the consumption of a poisonous mushroom will kill a human.

The sad truth is that these ‘fungi’ have obtained wealth and power and are not afraid to use it to silence their critics. Why would they be, they have footholds in many powerful places. They buy what they want and know where all the ‘skeletons’ are buried and will not stop at using this information to bully, intimidate and blackmail. The little brown envelope syndrome is just the tip of the iceberg.

The TRNC needs the embargoes lifted, the TRNC needs the rest of the world to see what is happening, the TRNC needs to be part of the world family and the 99.9% of Turkish Cypriots who are decent, honest human beings deserve this so that they can be free of fear and intimidation and enjoy their Human Rights so many have fought and died for in conflicts all over this beautiful world.

Pauline Read

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