North Cyprus Property Victims | Judge Cancels Kulaksiz Case

North Cyprus Property Victims - Judge Cancels Kulaksiz CaseWITHOUT PREJUDICE

North Cyprus Property Victims – Judge Cancels Kulaksiz Case

I have been away from north Cyprus now for one month. Do I miss it, yes of course I do. Despite many who accuse me of not being loyal to my adopted home, I do love north Cyprus and do have a great respect for all the honest and hard working people who live there. What I do not respect is the fact that so few have so much power and wield it to increase their personal fortunes and enjoy doing so without any thought for the harm they are doing to the image and hopes of north Cyprus.

I was appalled that the K5 v Akfinans Bank Limited case had been cancelled by one Judge and that now the legal team are fighting to reinstate it. How could this happen?

On many occasions I have been in court when the Judge has given time for errant Advocates to be called and to appear, did this happen? I have also been present when the Advocate for the opposing side (in my case) was not there and all that happened was a new date was given, certainly the case was not cancelled. On just one occasion, and because we were all told the case had been postponed, no one from K5 or the legal team were at court and the case gets CANCELLED, does that sound right or fair or indeed JUST, bearing in mind this case is so important to so many innocent people? Surely the Judge must be aware of how his decision would be viewed?

Now, not only are K5 having to Appeal to the High Court for an amendment that this same Judge denied to be allowed, but the very case itself is at stake. How in the 21st century can such things happen? Indeed how in the 21st century can it be allowed for innocent people to be denied their Human Rights?

Never give in never give up

Pauline Ann Read

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