North Cyprus Property Victims | Gary Robb Protests Innocence

North Cyprus Property Victims | Gary Robb Protests InnocenceWITHOUT PREJUDICE

North Cyprus Property Victims – Gary Robb Protests Innocence

To many, this article about North Cyprus Property Victims and Gary Robb will be new. Certainly it is of interest to all Aga victims and certainly the infamous Mr Robb protests his innocence of any crimes in respect of the Aga Saga.

How very strange then so many are left poorer and wiser since Contracting to buy from him. Certainly the victims of the Karmi/Robb auction will scratch their heads and wonder at his protests. Methinks the man does protest too much

“How can this be a “serious fraud” as there is no deception, all contracts were signed in my name. The contracts were wrote in English and checked by customer’s solicitors. TRNC Government accepted the “P2P” applications to own their own villas. The Tax Office accepted 6% tax dues and stamped contract’s which were duly registered at Tapau. I even physically attended Tapau to try and transfer the title to one of my customers as a test case. Some customers live in their houses; some customers still want their houses. Many customers due to the lengthy period of time want my ‘blood’ due to SOCA’s manipulation. So what “Serious Fraud” have I committed? I explained that I was expanding to Thailand. I placed a confirmation on Larry’s BB.” [Gary Robb Letter in NCFP]

The paragraph taken from Mr Robb’s letter shows how little he knew about the business he made so much from. The stamp duty would be one half of a % if paid within the first few weeks and one and a half % thereafter. He does make a valid point, the revenue (Government Dept.) by taking this tax, in my opinion, made the consequences their responsibility, yet what has the Government done to assist the victims?

Not many live in houses built by Aga, not many of the houses were completed. I would think by now, no one would want a ‘Robb’ villa and all would prefer their money back. So he was expanding to Thailand, wasn’t there just a small matter of honouring commitments in north Cyprus? Sorry Honour and Mr Robb do not belong in the same sentence, indeed honour and anyone involved in this massive fraud does not exist. I love the bit about the customers’ solicitors, the majority of whom were recommended by Robb, no conflict of interest there then ….. (tongue firmly in cheek).

The only thing that changes is that the situation worsens, witness the Karmi/Robb auction.

Never give in never give up

Pauline Read

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