North Cyprus Property Victims | Akfinans Bank In Denial


North Cyprus Property Victims – Akfinans Bank In Denial

That any property scam victim in north Cyprus is facing an uphill battle is a given.

Now perhaps the most well known group of victims is facing a struggle just to be able to keep the case against Akfinans Bank Limited, in north Cyprus, live has to be even more of an indictment on the legal system that facilitated the scam in the first place.  It now appears that the Bank are using the argument: “The Bank deny all claims against them and are trying to argue that the Court Offices have no authority to postpone any hearing therefore the trial should not be allowed to continue.”

I suppose one positive outcome of the Bank’s argument is that they see the fault being with the Court Offices, so are they suggesting that the K5 sue the TRNC Court System instead of the Bank? Sounds incredibly like their argument that the K5 should chase the people they gave their money too, et tu Brute, perhaps then using that argument the Bank should be chasing the people they gave their money to, the former landowner and the builder, leaving the pensioners known as K5 to enjoy their homes in peace. The mortgage was never theirs and the properties were never available to use as security.

Of course the Bank are not known for their compassion and the fact that the oldest member of the group died recently has not moved them one iota. It seems that they see us, the victims, as the villains and I do not believe this will ever change. I call on the Government of north Cyprus to step in and help all victims before north Cyprus itself becomes a victim of the greed of a few.


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