Cyprus Problem | ‘Downer Plan’ is Old News

old newsCyprus Problem – ‘Downer Plan’ is Old News

According to Afrika newspaper (17.12.13) TRNC President Eroglu issued a statement denying reports in the Havadis newspaper that there was a new plan and a new map regarding the Cyprus problem. Apparently the report was not prepared by United Nations, but was prepared by the UN’s special adviser, Alexander Downer, and his team, and had already been published eight months ago by a Greek Cypriot internet site.

So, the news today is that there is no new plan, only an old one, and that talks rumoured to begin in October and then November then December, and now January, may not start at all. I can’t imagine how Cypriots could ever run a country together when they cannot even agree on a preliminary document needed, or not needed depending on which side you’re on, to start talking. That’s right they can’t even manage to begin talking about, let alone solving, the problems they’ve had for over 50 years!


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