North Cyprus Property | Laura the Laptop’s 3rd Anniversary


North Cyprus Property | Laura the Laptop’s 3rd Anniversary

Today is the third anniversary of Laura the Laptop’s incarceration in Girne Police Station evidence room. Or is it? Is she still there?

As you will see from the letters at the bottom of this link, the Founding President, the late Mr Rauf Denktas, supported Pauline through this ordeal. Indeed he even sat alongside her at one the hearings in the Geoff Day trial.

That such a heavy hand was taken in this matter does not reflect well on anyone – Please Return Laura

It seems now that more would profit from the misery the North Cyprus Property scam victims find themselves in and who will protect them from being re-victimised?

The appearance today of North Cyprus Property victims, Kulaksiz 5, in Girne District Court has been postponed until the 28th October and is likely to be postponed until the outcome of the new Appeal at the High Court date is set and the outcome known.


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