North Cyprus Property Victims | Karmi/Robb Auction in 11 days

It is now just 11 days until the Auction of the Karmi/Robb properties/land.

How the Government can believe that it is going to allow their guests to lose their money in such a cruel and questionable way is totally beyond the comprehension of ordinary men and women. The waffle that came from the Ministry of the Interior is equally incomprehensible. When will they wake up and see the damage they are allowing to be done to their beautiful country? Who in their right mind would do business with Gary Robb and his co shareholder Akan Kursat, yet the landowner who did so in this case, or so we are led to believe, is the only one who will come out of it with any compensation. Who in their right mind, having seen the corruption that now seems to be the hallmark of the North Cyprus property sector, would even consider buying or investing in North Cyprus?

I will be reminding you all, through North Cyprus Free Press on a daily basis of the number of days to go before the Auction.

We have all seen that the Auction is not the end. Witness Kulaksiz 5, does the Government really want to see another set of victims being tortured on a daily basis as is happening to the Kulaksiz 5? Have they learned nothing?

Justice is the inalienable right of every human on this planet. The Human Rights of every victim in North Cyprus are being violated, the cases being sent to the ECHR from North Cyprus are already many, does the Government really want to see these numbers escalate until this country drowns in its own shame?

The Auction is on 6th May at the coffee shop opposite the Girne District Court – 9.30 am for 10.00 am. Mourning attire with a black armband and at least one flower.

If you care, be there.

Name and address supplied

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