North Cyprus Property Victims – Each to Their Own Way

It is a very interesting conundrum. As victims, do you keep your head down and just hope it will all go away? These are the victims that suffer from the very disturbing condition known as HISS, Head In Sand Syndrome.

Do you do as HBPG do; quietly work in the background negotiating with the builder/developer/landowner in the hope of coming to a solution at the least possible cost to the already overcharged victim and at least achieve something? This can and does work as we have seen on many occasions, the latest being Sevilla site. This is not perfect, the ideal solution would be to have all you have paid for delivered to you on time and on budget. We do not live in an ideal world and many have bitten the bullet and gone this route. Who can blame anyone if they reluctantly pay more but have something to show for it in the end. HBPG have only ever acted as a middle person and never charged the victims for this service. Everyone is entitled to take the route they think is right for them. However, blackmailers rarely settle for the first amount asked for and have a nasty habit of coming back for more.

Do you go to an Advocate and take legal action against your builder? Not always to be recommended but sometimes it can work. In many cases victims have won their cases but because of the flawed system still ended up with nothing.

There are those who have accused people like Pauline Read of shouting and balling. In all honesty I have never heard her shout and when I asked her, she said she had no idea what balling meant. If it meant that she had courage, then she said she pleaded guilty. She has also been accused of ridiculing people, whatever that might mean. If telling the truth with documentary evidence to support that truth is what was meant, then again she pleads guilty. Surely by behaving badly the people concerned have been treating the electorate like fools and ridiculing them? I think anyone who holds public office and behaves inappropriately can expect to have their behaviour made public. When you take up public office, a certain sense of propriety and decency behoves you. Certainly we saw the result when an attempt was made to blackmail Pauline, she published a very painful and personal account of her son’s drug addiction and the devastating effect it had on his life and hers.

Is there any evidence that those who go cap in hand to any Ministry, asking for help, has achieved more than those who make bad behaviour public or talk to the press about their problems? If there is, I have never seen it.

Everyone has the right to try to find justice in their own way and even if it is like looking for a needle in a haystack they will continue.

There is a lot of evidence that Pauline Read’s way has touched a nerve, if it had not, why would there be so many verbal and written attacks on her?

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

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