North Cyprus Property | TRNC Justice in Our Lifetime?


North Cyprus Property | TRNC Justice in Our Lifetime? | KULAKSIZ 5

“The ECHR’s own rules insist we must exhaust all domestic remedies first. That being so and knowing the time between gaining an Appeal date and getting the Appeal decision was 18 months in this last instance, it does not take a genius to work out that this next case which although we were told was the main case, we are now told no, the next case will be the main case. So the case now will take months in the lower court, whoever loses will take it to Appeal, so that is say another two years lost, then the main case, unless along the way the decide it is not the main case, say another 2 to 3 years with the lower and higher court almost certainly being involved. I am not being unrealistic to think by then we will be in 2018 or 2019 by which time I will be 74 or 75 and poor Mike will be 95 or 96. So we could still be involved in looking for justice when I am in my 80′s and Mike well over 100 and that is assuming God does not call any of us home before then.

This is such a flagrant violation of our Human Rights so when embargoed are fighting for the rights of the TRNC to have embargoes lifted, this regime is tying one hand behind their backs. To gain recognition and to be treated like a first world country, TRNC are going to have to do a lot better.

TRNC, please lead by example and show you are ready to assume your rightful place in the world as a compassionate caring country.”

All that is above this was a comment on NCFP, but it is the way things are in TRNC. Justice grinds slowly everywhere, but somehow here, it seems to be so slow. When the litigants clearly have very few good years left which makes it particularly poignant.

So will Mortage Law 11/78 section section 21 achieve what most of us hope for or will time run out for the Kulaksiz 5? Time will tell, but time is in short supply for these particular litigants.


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