North Cyprus News | Asil Nadir Finds £5m to Pay Compensation


North Cyprus News | Asil Nadir Finds £5m to Pay Compensation

News is now coming in that Mr Asil Nadir, the man who claims to be ‘broke,’ has paid the £5m demanded as partial compensation by the courts. Mr Nadir was threatened with a further six years in prison if he failed to pay up.

It is thought that the coast is now clear for the authorities to allow Mr Nadir to be transferred to Turkey and possibly from there back to his home in north Cyprus. It would seem that far from being broke, the man from Del Monte said ‘yes’ I will pay.

I cannot confirm whether this was cash or a cheque. Strange how someone who qualifies for legal aid can lay his hands on £5m, as the late Tommy Cooper would say “just like that”. Some doubt has been thrown on the report carried in the UK Sun newspaper of Mr Nadir being assaulted by a fellow inmate at Bellmarsh. Mr. Nadir’s wife is denying the report and claiming that the assault did not take place.


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