North Cyprus Property | Today’s Court Cases

North Cyprus Property | Today’s Court Cases

First case first. My friends nipped into the office of their Advocate and we arranged to meet up in the court coffee area with them and their advocate. Imagine my surprise when they turned up after a very short time. Their case had been transferred to 10th of July 2013. It is the holiday season so they are not sure whether it will be same Judge or a different one. Perhaps a phone call would have saved them a journey into Girne.

At 11.15 am the Kulaksiz 5 went into court and the hearing recommenced. This time the court interpreter was present. An amusing incident before the start, the bank had sent a minion to save two seats in the court for them. Forward planning.

Bob French was in the witness box and was grilled again by the Advocate for the bank. The claims were discussed again, the amendments required and the reason the K5 wanted the amendment entered into evidence. Much discussion centred on the ECHR case already lodged in Strasbourg and the need for the ECHR court to be kept apprised of new developments. Once again Bob reiterated how important it was for the amendments to be allowed and how the K5 were fighting for their existence.

The session finished around 12.30 pm and a new date for its continuance, on the 24th June at 10.30 am, was given. Both sides will decide in the interim period whether they wish to call further witnesses. Our advocate was of the opinion that the next date would see the end of the hearing. The Judge will then consider all the evidence and decide whether to admit the amendments in evidence for our main case. This decision will be given at a future date yet to be arranged.

Never give up never give in.

Pauline Ann Read


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