North Cyprus News | TRNC Government New Cabinet

North Cyprus News | TRNC Government New CabinetNorth Cyprus News | TRNC Government New Cabinet

According to Bayrak television (13.04.13) the interim government consisting of the Republican Turkish Party- United Forces (CTP-BG), the Democrat Party- National Forces (DP-UG and the Social Democrat Party (TDP) has announced the new cabinet.

The Republican Turkish Party- United Forces MP Dr. Sibel Siber presented the list of names to the Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu which he approved.  The technocrat government will consist of 4 CTP-BG ministers, 3 DP-UG ministers and 3 TDP ministers, led by the TRNC’s first woman Prime Minister, Dr. Sibel Siber.

The names of the ministers are:

Prime Minister: Dr. Sibel Siber
Foreign Minister: Kutlay Erk
Minister of Finance: Zeren Mungan
Minister of Interior and Local Administrations: Gulsun Yucel
Minister of Labour and Social Security: Aziz Gurp1nar
Minister of National Education, Youth and Sport: As1m Odris
Minister of Public Works and Communications: Dr. Ismail Basarir
Minister of Health: Nuri Goksin
Minister of Economy and Energy: Atay Ahmet Rasit
Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources: Sami Day1oglu
Minister of Tourism, Environment and Culture: Mehmet Harmanci

A quick Google of some of these names reveals interesting backgrounds and histories. For property victims the Minister of Interior, Gulsun Yucel, is important, and he’s a lawyer. I wonder if he’s aware of Mortgage Law 11/78 section 21?

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