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North Cyprus Property | Sharp Words Indeed

How very sad when someone who does not know you, has never met you and yet feels knowledgeable on the subject of you, a knowledge based on someone else’s warped opinion, feels it is okay to berate you publicly. It happened to me again yesterday. Frankly the only feeling it engenders in me is pity. What a sad, sad life some people have.

“have sat here for a number of weeks now read everything from both groups and I’m afraid pauline read you are a fake and a liar I have lived here for 13 years been coming here for 30 years I am a TRNC citizen have had my dealings with the court I had four years of going to judges chambers every month and I won fair and square but I’m afraid you are not fighting fair and square and I am leaving this group and the other one as I post this message I’m afraid you deserve everything you get pauline read you are a nasty piece of work sooner you leave the better good riddance !!!!!”

You know when someone writes something like this, they are in so much pain. I hope he recovers and that life treats him well. He is being used and a real friend would not do that, but I fear this person using him has a lot on his plate so I forgive him. He is suffering enough without my adding to it.

On Tuesday of next week the Kulaksiz 5 are in court again. On Monday of next week I shall be at the Supreme Court where I hope the whole sad sorry saga started by the Mandamus case will be finished. The one good thing to come from it all is that the owners in Arapkoy are now free to transfer title without any Memorandum on their Kocan and I am happy for them.

Never give in never give up.

Pauline Ann Read

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