North Cyprus Property | Pauline’s May Court Visits Rising

North Cyprus Property | Pauline's May Court Visits RisingWITHOUT PREJUDICE

North Cyprus Property | Pauline’s May Court Visits Rising

I laughingly wrote an article about my court dates in May, noting the number. Since then I now have the 24th, 28th and 30th to add and look, we are still only on the 17th May, will there be more? The big one, in the Supreme Court on Wednesday 22nd May, is the one I am most looking forward to.

Think how Geoff Day must have felt, 65 court hearings on a criminal charge he was acquitted of, all allegedly because he would not bend to his builder’s blackmail attempts. He lost over two years of his life because he was a virtual prisoner, the authorities having confiscated his passport. The consequences for his builder….none. Read of the 47th appearance.

“Over 47 North Cyprus court appearances to decide on can of paint theft?
Thursday, July 15, 2010 by Name & Address Supplied

Today marked the 47th appearance in Girne District Court for Geoff and Mary Day. 47 appearances, you may be forgiven for thinking this couple must be some really bad dudes. Did they rob a bank – no… did they commit an act of terrorism – no…. are they contract killers – no? Their heinous crime, they allegedly stole some paint.

We are all by now familiar with the background of this case, but what you may not know is that two appearances ago a very qualified witness confirmed that yes, the two opened tins of paint exhibited were indeed the same cans of paint referred to in an invoice dated 2005 she held in her hands. She even scrabbled around on the floor of the court identifying said paint. Obviously a very qualified forensic scientist at the least, maybe even CSI trained, er no – she turned out to be the sister of the Builder who alleges that the Days had committed this terrible crime and was the accounts clerk for the Building Company. Would you believe it, a builder who buys paint and has invoices to boot? Obviously he buys so much paint that he has special batches not available to anyone else. Of course this is nonsense as indeed is the whole debacle.

Today the Judge had the opportunity to throw out this case – she did not. Consequently Geoff and Mary’s nightmare continues. The next hearing is the 20th September 2010 when their defence hearings begin.

Can you believe a country that is haemorrhaging from the disgrace of allowing Deleted Bank Limited to repossess the homes of the Kulaksiz 5 once again open themselves up to being ridiculed by the world. You couldn’t make it up – could you”

So, as Laura laptop languishes in Girne Police Station and the Kulaksiz 5 still wonder ‘how the hell did it come to this?’ The court appearances will continue and the money needed to fund them will diminish until there is nothing left.

Compassion seems in short supply in north Cyprus.

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