North Cyprus Property | ***Deleted*** Bank Got Personal

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North Cyprus Property | ***Deleted*** Bank Got Personal

“***DELETED*** Bank tells it like it isn’t in Kibris Gazetesi
Friday, May 18, 2012 by O B Joyful

Here they go again. Every time ***Deleted*** Bank answer any article in any newspaper their stories get more and more fanciful. This time they have excelled themselves.

Today the attached article appeared in Kibris Gazetesi and is all their own work. No self respecting journalist would want to put their name to it.

Now this latest gaff is supposedly in answer to the article in Kibris Gazetesi date the 11th May 2012. Pauline Read would have had nothing to do with this article since she was excluded from the preview of the DVD which was released that day. That did not stop the Bank having a dig at her and now it seems, if the translation is correct, that she never ever lived in her villa at K5, so one has to wonder then, where did she live? She now, according to the Bank, has a property in the UK too. So that makes, two villas with pools in the south, and a property in the UK and a large villa with a pool in Karmi (hello how did that one get in). My goodness Pauline what a wealthy lady you are. So that makes it okay then to steal from you, you can afford it. Well that is how it seems if you follow the logic of the Bank. Would they feel the same way if a masked man broke into one of their banks, they are wealth, they can afford it, forget calling the Police. Hardly.

The truth is Pauline Read sort of owns one villa in Edremit she bought with money borrowed from family on the strength of her one day receiving the award she won in her Breach of Contract case. She still considers herself the legal owner of 5 Demokrasi Sokak, Karsiyaka, the villa that was locked and secured when the Bank broke into it and criminally took it. The Bank will no doubt disagree with her but since they did not obtain a court order and took it by force, how else can their possession of it be described? She has no property in the South and no property in the UK. However if she owned 40 properties and was a Zillionaire, how would that justify what the Bank have done?

They also allegedly claim that although they put 250% on the original loan agreement, that was to compensate for future inflation and they never charged that much. Oh my goodness, now they are really reaching. Let us look at the figure on the Court Order dated the 20th November 2008, a hefty 80% per quarter compound, which is even greater than the original figure of 250%. Just do the maths, 100,000 x 250% annually equals 350,000 lira after one year. 100,000 x 80% per quarter compound equals a hell of a lot more than 350,000 lira after one year. Whichever way you look at it, 100,000 borrowed, final debt in less than 5 years 2,077,000 lira is usury, and all the words in the world will not alter it.

The electricity which represents the arrears on the communal bill has all been used by the Bank family and is their responsibility and if Kib-Tek cannot or will not see that, then I suggest they all need white sticks.

Here is the best one, the only property let on Kulaksiz 5 is the one owned by Abdurrahman Guney… yes, this Bank really knows how to deal in facts. Actually, perhaps I am being a little harsh here. Pauline Read won a Breach of Contract against Kulaksiz Construction. Abdurrahman Guney was the Director of Kulaksiz. The villa the Bank now live in is Pauline Read’s. If the mortgage is unlawful as we all suspect, if Pauline Read’s memorandum assets are sold and then she gets her £120,000 award, the villa would revert back to the ownership of Kulaksiz Construction and Abdurrahman Guney was the Director. Oh my goodness, they’ve got me going off on flights of fantasy now.

One thing is for sure, every time the Bank opens its mouth, something more fantastic pops out. Trying to justify the unjustifiable is not possible so give up and admit you really just do not care what happens to the old folk at K5.

O B Joyful”

It seems Pauline Read is doomed if she does and doomed if she doesn’t. Strange how these so called ‘facts’ keep emerging about her.

On this day last year she was accused yet again. Now we have to ask ourselves, where on earth do the Bank keep coming up with these ‘facts’? Clearly someone is feeding them a load of tosh OR they have a very active imagination.

NB Even more disturbing is, “why does a paper of Kibris Gazetesi’s size and reputation not get the other side of this press release the K5 side?” They have emails, they have phone numbers, everybody and his dog has Pauline Read’s phone number. Although the Kibris article does not mention Pauline Read by name, in my opinion it is clear she is the subject referred to.

O B Joyful

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