North Cyprus Property | Pauline Answers Her Attackers


North Cyprus Property | Pauline Answers Her Attackers

This appeared on the other stbinc page and because we are even handed in our reporting on any issue, we are happy to bring it to your attention

‘John Good:


Right for a start none of you know the facts. I am the young man who is apparently to young to be a retiree. I’m not retired I am in fact crippled due to a car crash in 1993 from which I received compensation with which I purchased MY house. Either way I fail to see the relevance of my age or work status regarding someone trying to seize MY house and sell it to gain back the money they lost on their house. I DID NOT register my contract AFTER the injunction was placed on my property. I registered my contract in June 2008. I didn’t recieve bad advice nor did I chose to ignore anything either. I only found out on Monday just gone that the injunction had been placed but between then and Friday I was privy to all the facts and documents relating to the injunction, so anything I write on this subject will be the truth. The rest of you are just speculating and mugging yourselves off when you start to speak author…itively on a matter you know absolutely nothing about. Should anyone wish to challenge me on any aspect of what has happened I will be glad to listen to what you have to say then promptly slaughter every word. The application was withdrawn for no other reason than it was never going to go through for several reasons, one chiefly being that, I’m going to display my youthful but expert knowledge of a calendar, in 2007 a law was passed that no one can place an injunction on a property if there has been an interest registerd in that property, ie a contract being registered. The law came in 2007 I registered in 2008 the injunction was placed in 2009 does that make sense or do you need an abacus? Therefore the injunction was placed illegally. Also I’m led to believe from the press release that the land registry have to act upon such orders within six months of such a ruling. The bottom line is it wasn’t dropped for a sudden surge in morals it was dropped because it was going to cost a lot of money fighting something that was never going to happen. Believe me if it was clear that it would’ve gone through then nothing would’ve been withdrawn and myself and my two elderly widowed neighbours would have lost our houses, and in my case my life would’ve have been destroyed along with the lives of my two young children one of which was 12 on Thursday, her birthday was absolutely ruined by this utterly vile and disgusting attempt to seize the house she loves so much. At least now I can continue to live in the house I bought TEN YEARS AGO and enjoy the effect this climate has on the arthritis in my spine and ankles. If people don’t know anything about a subject it’s best not to comment on it because they invariably make themselves look very very stupid”.See More’

At the risk of making myself look very stupid, why if the Contract was registered in early 2008 did it not show on the search conducted on the 17.03.09


Clearly this search show Kulaksiz at the owner of 7/8ths of the site and the land owner as 1/8th and a charge she has on the land of £50,000.

On 14/10/2008 the first interim injunction was given on 7/8ths of the land and that is fact and not fantasy.

Clearly, if you did register your Contract in early 2008 then the Land Registry have much to answer for because all searches come from them. Sadly, the government are not able to sued for damages their inefficiency has caused.

Entering into a slanging match is not something I wish to do with you, especially as you are not prepared to give your name.

You are correct if a Contract is registered there can be no injunction but, as you can clearly see, at the time the first injunction went on there was not even one Contract showing.

For the record, the High Court judges made it very clear that everyone in the auction, owners included would be sent a copy of the pre-auction notice.

This is a much clearer copy of the search from my file and published by ‘bargainbooze’. Of course, since you choose to remain anonymous, we don’t know where you are on this search.

You choose to remain anonymous. You’re right. Your aggression solves nothing. Tell your advocate to contact me and I will do whatever is necessary to remove the memorandums.

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