Cyprus News | TRNC MP Bribe Allegation a ‘Joke’

Cyprus News | TRNC MP Bribe Allegation a ‘Joke’

Kibris newspaper (28.06.13) reports that TRNC Deputy Attorney General, Mahmut Atakara, has said that there is no evidence to support MP Ejder Aslanbaba’ bribery allegations. Havadis newspaper (28.06.13) went even furthur and called  Aslanbaba a “buffoon” after he told a court that his statement that he took money as bribery and spent 100 dollars for whisky and cigars had been “a joke”. and that he only “wanted to show to the people in what situation the parliament is.”

But after leaving the court, according to Havadis, Aslanbaba in a statement to the Anatolia news agency, said: “The bribery incident is not an allegation, but a reality with its tape recordings and the money taken. This money is an exhibit taken for showing to our people the real face of some politicians.”

Serdar Denktas, leader of the DP-UG, said he intends pursuing the bribery allegation saying that, “We will not play this game. In front of the court, he made no such accusation, but he made it in front of the public? Let him explain what he has taken when he left the UBP.”

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