North Cyprus Property | One of Pauline’s Libel Cases

North Cyprus Property | One of Pauline's Libel CasesWITHOUT PREJUDICE

North Cyprus Property | One of Pauline’s Libel Cases

This morning I shall be attending the court in Girne. Another day, another appearance. I do not really need to attend but I have noticed that some of the judges do note the appearance of both the litigants so I will be there. If I am not interested enough to attend my own cases, who should be?

I do not need to be there because this is one of my five, yes 5, Libel cases and my advocate will be asking for an adjournment.

How any of these cases can have a fair and unbiased hearing whilst the Kulaksiz 5 case remains unresolved is beyond me, but I accept I am not legally trained so my opinion is worthless. Just like my money is worthless since the government office, the Tapu, seem bound and determined to ignore my Enforcement Order given after I won my Breach of Contract case. Now if the Tapu had taken the same stance with the Enforcement Order that was given to ***DELETED*** Bank, then I would have no libel cases against me and more disposable income too.

Take that a step further, if the ***DELETED*** Bank had not given the 100,000 lira (approx) to the greedy landowner and builder I would not be writing this. IF is a small word, but could have changed so much.

I jest of course since the bank seem to have power you and I could only dream of, in my humble opinion, of course.

Tomorrow, I am also in court, more about that later.

Never give in never give up.

Pauline Ann Read


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