North Cyprus Property | North Cyprus Forum | Kulaksiz Case Misinformation


North Cyprus Property | North Cyprus Forum | Kulaksiz Case Misinformation

As you are all aware the summary of the K5 hearing that wasn’t was given on North Cyprus Free Press. The details as given were absolutely correct. The reporter from Cyprus Today was there but North Cyprus Forum’s Nigel Watson was not. The Cyprus Today reporter speaks and understands Turkish, Mr Watson does not. Despite this, Nigel Watson has felt the need to criticize the Cyprus Today report.

However, before going to print on NCFP, I have double checked with Boysan Boyra’s office, who confirm in writing, that Mr Boyra did indeed ask for the adjournment. However, it is not important who asked, only that an adjournment was granted. That is why I personally find it petty that such a claim be made by the North Cyprus Forum owner.

It is also interesting that Mr Watson has not absorbed the fact that on 14th February 2013, by a majority of 2 to 1 in favour of the K5, an Interim Injunction was granted and will stay in place until the outcome to the cases are known.

North Cyprus Property | North Cyprus Forum | Kulaksiz Case Misinformation This it seems was not good enough for North Cyprus Forum and its owner who published this insult to Cyprus Today.

“John Good aka Nigel Watson

On page 3 of Cyprus Today an unidentified reporter filed the incorrect report below IT WAS IN FACT the advocate for Akfinance bank who disputed the figure produced by the kf home buyers and would not agree to returning to them at a later date insisting on an adjournment despite the judge and K5 advocate being willing to continue, also this was not the main case as reported below but part of the injunction to prevent the sale of the K5 properties by that bank.

► One must ask how Cyprus Today can get it so wrong ◄”

I think under the circumstances it would be in order for Mr Watson to remove his misinformation from the internet and apologise to Cyprus Today.

Whilst not always front page news, Cyprus Today has been very supportive of the Kulaksiz 5 and I am sure they all are keen to disassociate themselves from this type of rubbish.


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