North Cyprus Property | Libel to go Mad!


North Cyprus Property | Libel to go Mad!

“There I was, a-digging this hole

A hole in the ground, so big and sort of round it was

There was I, digging it deep

It was flat at the bottom and the sides were steep”

Oh how tempted I am to finish this with words of my own, but I won’t. I will retain my dignity and tell you that yes, I attended court today, yes I am glad I did, and yes the judge did get me to stand up and identify myself.

We have an adjournment until the 13th May, but…we must submit our defence by the 8th May…the defence needed in Libel case number 5. I am not digging a hole, I am entirely confident in the fact that I did not ever, in my entire life utter one word against the bank, the bank owning family, their ancillary businesses or their cat or their dog that could be construed as libellous, in the Ada TV programme of the 20th March 2012 nor at any other time through any other outlet.

I still do not know how this case, or any other alleged Libel case, can be heard prior to the main Kulaksiz 5 case without prejudicing the outcome of the main Kulaksiz 5 case, but I do admit I am not legally trained so this is just my personal opinion.

Of course I will strenuously defend myself since I know I have done nothing wrong. My conscience is clear. My hands are clean.

Pauline Ann Read

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