North Cyprus Property | Gary Robb Video

North Cyprus Property | Gary Robb VideoWITHOUT PREJUDICE

North Cyprus Property | Gary Robb Video

I cannot imagine that when UK home grown villain Mr Gary Robb took part in this programme he could have imagined the ending.

I suppose you could say the same of the majority of his purchasers, when they parted with their hard earned cash for their dream home in the sun. Am I being premature though, has the end come for all those who trusted Aga Development Limited and did not know of the chequered history of its majority shareholder at the time the parted with their money? Of the course in the following years there cannot be one purchaser who does not know now what they were dealing with. A corrupt company from A to Z with a drug dealer on the run from UK justice as its star and all its supporting actors, many Turkish Cypriot, no better than they should be.


Watch this and learn if you are still in doubt.

Pauline Read, a campaigner for property rights in north Cyprus, was recently the victim and star of a YouTube video too, she doesn’t have the ‘pedigree’ (how apt that the word pedigree is usually associated with a dog) in Mr. Robb’s case. Ms Read has been called a bitch a few times she tells me but, as she says, when they’re calling me names and filming cowardly videos without her permission, they are leaving someone else alone. The sad part, she says, is that they also included some of the other victims of the K5 in their sick, childish video. The shame is on them. Why do I mention this? Because the video maker and his accomplice are both friends of Gary Robb and his wife.

Whilst on the subject of their pedigree I cannot resist quoting the very old adage “if you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas”. Without a doubt there are many sick puppies in this world.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

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