North Cyprus Property | Is ‘Builder’s Electric’ Gold-Plated?

North Cyprus Property | Is 'Builder's Electric' Gold-Plated?WITHOUT PREJUDICE

North Cyprus Property | Is ‘Builder’s Electric’ Gold-Plated?

Now that consumers are being forced to pay charges such as street lighting through our KibTek bill, has anyone noticed what a huge hike has been made in the amount they are charging?

The reason, we are told, is because the Belediyesi had been taking this contribution from the consumer but allegedly not passing it on to the Electricity authority. How on earth can this be allowed? Anywhere else it may even be classed as stealing.

So, back to the amount, does anyone else think that maybe, this huge hike is KibTek trying to get the money the Belediyesi owes them from the consumer? If so, then not only are we paying for the current (pun intended) usage but also the arrears racked up by the Belediyesi. In effect we could be paying twice for the same electricity.

I would not be surprised since where else in a civilised country would the consumer (purchaser) be penalised for the builder not completing his electricity project by charging the already victimised more than double that of the normal tariff. Of course it may well be that KibTek are generating ‘gold plated’ electricity for these doubly victimised people. I would be interested to know from anyone on builder’s tariff or anything other than normal tariff…does your electricity glow when it arrives at your property…oooer…if it does, you could have problems.

Don’t open the meter box, you could be releasing the troubles of the world.

Pandora S Box


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