North Cyprus Restaurants | Oris CafeBar Saturday BBQ | 20 TL

North Cyprus Restaurants | Oris CafeBar Saturday BBQ | 20 TLAgile, Mehmet and I visited Oris Barcafe on Saturday of last week and were impressed not only with the quality of the food on offer at the BBQ, but also the quantity. Brings a whole new meaning to ‘never mind the quality, feel the width.’ The freshly cooked meats just kept on coming and the salad and accompaniments were superb. For those who have not visited Oris Barcafe, you have a treat in store.

Michael and Patrick are the hosts with the most. Angela and Angela who are your bar stewards are lovely ladies with lovely personalities. Don’t just take my word for it, find out for yourself. Take the road to the GAU or follow Michael and Patrick’s map.

North Cyprus Restaurant Review | Oris Barcafe

“On the road that leads to GAU, on the right, stands the Oris Barcafe. Agile and I usually pop in for a drink after our court appearances. It is a very friendly place and no matter who is in there, there is always a a cheery hello and a warm welcome. I was struck by the ambiance at first but the friendliness of its staff and customers is what provides this.

Now if you over indulge in Oris Barcafe, just remember that lovely lady behind the bar is Angela. Yes, I know there are two different ladies behind the bar but just remember the name Angela since they both are named Angela, how customer friendly is that? Angie is lovely, well they both are and no, you are not seeing double.

Every other week there is a Quiz night at Oris Barcafe. Food is provided and the cost is 15 lira per person. They vary the food for every quiz and I am told you do not need to be a Mensa member to have fun and maybe even win this quiz. A fun night out without too much pressure on your ‘grey matter’. Quiz nights are held on a Monday night so, with it being fortnightly, the next quiz night will be Monday 29th April starting around 7.30 ish. Ish tells you what a relaxed friendly atmosphere it is in Oris Barcafe.

On Tuesday night (every week) there is a pools tournament. The entrance fee is 10 lira and all the money collected as entrance fees is returned as prize money to the winner/winners. The tournament starts at 8.00 pm. There are pool tables at Oris Barcafe, so why not pop in for a pint or three and practice…who knows you could be the next tournament winner.

On Saturdays, Oris Barcafe hosts a BBQ where a variety of meats are cooked on the charcoal before your very eyes and for a reasonable charge of 20 lira you can eat your fill in a very convivial atmosphere and enjoy the sunshine. The salads and accompanying dishes are varied and plentiful too. The BBQ is lit at 2.00 pm and food is continually cooked over the charcoal all afternoon, the finish time for the BBQ being 8.00 pm. With your tummy full and you relaxed, stay on and enjoy the company whilst having a few of your favourite tipples. There you are ladies, no worrying about what to cook on Saturday.

Agile and I discovered Oris Barcafe quite by chance and are very pleased we did. The drink prices are reasonable, the atmosphere is friendly and spending a few hours there is totally relaxing. A warm welcome awaits you.

Oris Cafebar opens early and closes late.

So now you know where Oris Cafebar is, go on, treat yourself to a visit, you will not regret it.

Pauline Ann Read

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