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“Kulaksiz 5 Auction – Day 29
Saturday, May 8, 2010 by Name & Address Supplied

I am now sitting in a virtually empty house wondering how on earth it came to this. Ironically, it is almost four years to the day that I moved in, full of hope for a nice quiet retirement.

Delivery had been six months late – the pool was still unusable because it was filled one day and the next it had lost at least a couple of tonnes of water. It took from May to August and five attempts to stop the leaking, but hey, if that was all we had to worry about, it was nothing.

If I feel this sad, and yet have a fighting chance to recoup my money; imagine what neighbours must be feeling. I know some bought as an investment; well they were marketed as sound investments. For the two Turkish Cypriot families, sister and sister-in-law respectively of that rogue Yukel Yilmaz the coward who fled back to Turkey, too spineless to face the consequences – they will loose their homes. For the four other British couples who live here permanently, it could spell disaster. Who wants to be homeless in autumn of their lives?

Going back to the pool – if that was all I had to worry about – what an optimist – I will tell you more tomorrow.”

How naïve I was, it has taken three plus years and a trip to the Supreme Court to shake up the Tapu and even now it looks highly unlikely anyone will bid to buy a share of something. What that something is exactly, I have no idea. No point in challenging the figure put on the notice from the Tapu since I have no idea what it relates to. I expect nothing to come from an Auction and I cannot in all conscience even begin to recommend the route I took.

Another interesting development. I received a note in my post box saying there was an item to collect and it was addressed to me at 5, Demokrasi Sokak Karsiyaka. A miracle it made it to the Lapta Post Office and good work on the part of the post mistress to tie it to my PO Box number. Are you ahead of me yet? It was a copy of the Tapu Ve Kadastro Dairesi, exactly like the one sent to me by my former Advocate and the one my new Advocate received, telling us of the value set on the share of Kocan 3881, the one in respect of the memorandum.

How fortuitous it got to me since it was addressed to my villa in Karsiyaka the bank now live in. I will make no further comment.

Is there really anyone in the Tapu who does not know the bank live in my villa? My Advocate did put my correct address on the Mandamus application and we all know this is the reason the Tapu are now doing their duty. A duty their own regulations state they should do within 6 months of receiving an Enforcement Order, my Order was dated 1st October 2010, you do the math.

Despite my having explained that I left the villa in Karsiyaka for health reasons due to the state of the villa, I am still being told I should not have abandoned it and that I am to blame for the fact that the bank family now live on the site and make the lives of those living there unbearable. I did not abandon it, the building was locked and secured and the gate to the entrance chained and padlocked. I would have, had I been given the time, rented it out at a reduced rent until the award was paid or the bank had taken the correct route and obtained an eviction order, whichever came first. The law is there to be obeyed, by everyone. I would have done so, the bank decided to ignore the procedure and took the villa.

Never give in never give up

Pauline Read

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