North Cyprus Free Press | Problems Accessing Social Media

North Cyprus Free Press | Problems Accessing Social MediaNorth Cyprus Free Press | Problem Accessing Social Media

I was wondering if anyone in North Cyprus is having problems accessing FaceBook and Twitter.

Can’t be sure if what I’m reading is true but it seems as that because of social unrest there the Turkish government have, in effect, stopped access to FaceBook and Twitter. They are alleged to have throttled back the bandwidth available to these sites, rather than blocked them outright.

I’ve had experiences in the past where some users in North Cyprus have not been able to access websites if they use specific local Internet providers. These are providers which rely on Turkish Telecom links.

Erdogan is on record blaming social media for inflaming the situation in Turkey, presumably for publishing news the local media is too frightened to publish. One thing that concerns me is North Cyprus’s growing reliance on Turkey for its utilities. Only water and electricity at the moment, when the pipeline is complete, but what happens if communication links go the same way?

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