North Cyprus Property | Ignorance is Not Bliss | Knowledge is Power


North Cyprus Property | Ignorance is Not Bliss | Knowledge is Power

If there is one thing the present regime and it offices are excellent at, it is ignoring.

Pauline Read was actively encouraged by the Head of the Estate Agents Association of the TRNC to submit an application to the Resolution Committee for their consideration, she did this at some cost to herself because she had to have it translated into Turkish. The result of her time, effort and expense. She, together with her application was IGNORED

She submitted a formal complaint to the Attorney General about the alleged Conspiracy to commit fraud against the Kulaksiz 5 on the 6th April 2012. Initially she was given the name of a prosecutor who was assigned to the complaint. Apparently the prosecutor was then changed. She found out that the owner of CAC had been talking to the prosecutor about Ms. Read’s complaint… a total breach of confidentiality in Ms. Read’s opinion. There was no reason for the owner of CAC to approach the prosecutor about Ms Read’s case, and the prosecutor should not have been discussing a confidential matter with this woman. The owner of CAC is not qualified to give legal advice in the TRNC, nor has she been asked to act on Ms. Read’s behalf. Ms Read tells me she has emailed the prosecutor in question and has been IGNORED –

In 2009, as well as a Breach of Contract and an Appeal case against the Bank, Pauline Read had another case being heard in the Girne District Court. Bear in mind that at the time she was pretty ignorant of the law herself so that when she was told by her Advocate that this third case no. 458/2009, which basically also called into question the legitimacy of the mortgage, was too important to continue to be heard at the Girne District Court and the Judge had said it should go to the Lefkosa High Court, she believed what she was told. Her Advocate, she was told, had gone to see High Court Judge who said the case had no chance of succeeding in the High Court.

Now three plus years later because of the learning process that has occurred from so many court appearances, she is beginning to wonder if she was told the truth. From experience learned from so many court appearances, she has observed that she has never seen an ongoing case moved from the lower court to the higher court until the lower court case has reached a verdict and becomes the subject of an Appeal. This clearly demonstrates how having an Advocate who does not speak much English can be harmful. It also demonstrates that much goes on without your knowledge or consent.

Pauline Read learned through the potentially libellous article in Halkin Sesi that one of the defendants in her Breach Of Contract case had the case against him dropped by her Advocate, the landowner Yuksel Yilmaz, yet she was totally unaware of this and is adamant it was never discussed with her. Another example of poor communications between client and Advocate, and not just because of the language barrier.

They do say “where ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise”. Do not believe this, knowledge is power, your Advocate should tell you what s/he intends to do, when s/he intends to do it, keep you informed of developments during any appearance/hearing. This is the least you should expect. Government offices may think it is okay to ignore Joe Public but they will suffer for that arrogance at the ballot box. Your Advocate should not think it is okay to ignore you, it is not. You pay him to act for you and s/he does have a duty of care, whether s/he chooses to acknowledge it or not.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

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