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“I am tempted to say, well what a turn up for the books. Someone I do not even know, has kindly emailed me details of why I should not have been denied ‘permission’ to mount our Silent Peaceful Candlelit Vigil and, if I read it correctly, why I never really needed to apply for permission. If I were cynical, I might think a Government conspiracy had been mounted against the Vigil so that it could not take place in tandem with the Protest held in London on the 4th October.

It would seem, reading the legal opinion of a very learned TRNC Lawyer that ‘prevention of people protesting the confiscation of their homes is illegal.’ Under the KKTC Constitution everyone, including residents from other countries have the right to organise and demonstrate against these confiscations. It is the opinion of this very learned gentleman that if Human Rights are violated (as in this case), then International Law over-rides local law. He is in effect saying that the Nicosia (Lefkoşa) courts ignored the law. If more attention had been paid to section 11 of the Constitution then the authority would know that regardless of whether I was a citizen or not, I had the right to Protest, as do we all in this situation. He also sites sections 13 and 32 of the Constitution.

That my villa was confiscated in a criminal and very frightening way is a matter of public record. That my Human Rights have been violated, over and over and over again, and that I am a co-Petitioner in the ECHR case now in Strasbourg, is also a matter of record. That the Government should now be party to a further violation of my Human Rights is unconscionable. Every innocent victim of mortgage fraud here in the TRNC faces the possibility of having their homes confiscated (hopefully in a less violent way than mine was stolen) and according to the information I now have, HAS THE RIGHT TO DEMONSTRATE AND SHOW THEIR DISSENT AT THESE ACTIONS. The law here allows it. We had planned a SILENT PEACEFUL CANDLELIT PROTEST, not a noisy demonstration, why would that have been so unacceptable and why was I denied this right?”

How many of you remember this disturbing time? Of course, eventually a much watered down Vigil did go ahead on the 14th November 2010 thanks to my good friend Ismet who kindly offered to lead it. He did a fantastic job, but because of the climate of fear that exists amongst ex-pats, nowhere near as many joined this Vigil as would have done if the original one had been allowed to go ahead on 4th October, to coincide with the Protest outside the Turkish Embassy in London arranged by ABAG.

Even then, you will remember, Pauline Read was not allowed to join the revised Vigil and had to stand across the road and observe, as did all foreigners. The difference being that Pauline Read was flanked by two security police officers who told her if she tried to join the Vigil, she would be arrested. Seems like this little old lady is greatly feared by the powers that be. Why; she is only fighting for Justice? She was also told by one of these officers that if she did not behave, then when her Residency permit came up for renewal she would not get it. It came up for renewal in September 2012 and she did get it. Perhaps the powers that be realised that making her a martyr would not be a smart decision.

The second anniversary of the Vigil is the 14th November, one day before Republic Day on the 15th. Perhaps it is time for another VIGIL?

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