UK News | Burning a Remembrance Day Poppy on FaceBook

UK News – a 19 year old has been arrested and charged for posting a video of himself on FaceBook burning a poppy on Remembrance Day. The argument is that in doing so he had sent a ‘malicious telecommunication,’ aimed at no one in particular but obviously upsetting a lot of people. One of the main arguments being used against the act is that you can’t burn the Koran publicly, so why should someone be allowed to burn a poppy, a symbol of those who have died in defence of Britain.

The main argument for the act is what is the use of dying to defend the freedom of British people if you don’t have the freedom to express yourself within the law. They say that, if there was a law banning the posting on Social Media of the burning of a poppy on Remembrance Day then it would be an oppressive law.

The poppy burner is a warped individual but is what he has done a criminal act?

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