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Yilmaz might sue.WITHOUT PREJUDICE

North Cyprus Property | Dreams in Tatters

Looking back to just after the K5 auction, what was most remarkable is that the press seemed unafraid. Sad that this is not the case now. Hard to believe that in the three years since the auction, how little press coverage this outrage receives.

The comment attributed to Pauline Read is something she tells me she cannot remember saying although she does not doubt it, she mostly remembers that at that time the whole situation seemed unreal and she, along with the rest of the K5, was in a state of ‘shock’. Even as it was happening, she says, she never believed the Government would allow it and always believed they would step in and stop the outrage.

Pauline reminisced over her dreams of living in her ‘first choice ‘ of home here. She told me how excited she was when, after discovering that loofahs grew on vines and were members of the marrow family, she grew just one plant and harvested 42 loofahs from it. She said grew small star type flowers called Cyprus vines and was thrilled with them. Clearly her garden was her (Turkish) delight. She enthused about growing cabbages, cauliflowers, carrots and even parsnips. I asked her if she still got the same pleasure in her other garden, she shook her head sadly and said ‘no, they took my joy in life when they took my villa in Karsiyaka.

She made it clear that campaigning for property victims was something she did because she felt compelled to but would be so pleased to give it up if the situation changed and people were treated fairly.

Like all property victims, Pauline’s love of north Cyprus remains. It is those few who make her life a misery that she has little times for. Although she is adamant she does not hate anyone. Hate is, she claims, a negative emotion that hurts only the person doing the hating.

On Monday the 13th May Pauline is in court with the 5th Libel case. On Wednesday 15th she is in court with the K5 case together with her fellow litigants from K5. Both those cases will yield another court date each, will they be in May? Who knows.

Your support on the 15th will be welcomed.

If you care be there.

Never give in never give up


Yilmaz might sue.

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