North Cyprus News | LemonCy.Eu News Website Launched

North Cyprus News | LemonCy.Eu News Website LaunchedNorth Cyprus News | LemonCy.Eu News Website Launched

A new website has been set up under the name of “lemonCY” with the support and financing of the representation of the European Commission in Cyprus and the auspices of Yeni Duzen. The news will be published in three languages: Greek, Turkish and English. Here is an example of a news story:

‘The people of Yiğitler (Archoz) said they couldn’t get any service from the Electricity Board following the addition of “street lighting” expense to their monthly bill. The residences of the village had reacted after being charged for street lighting both in the bills sent by the municipality and the Electricity Board.  According to the news of Havadis, the mukhtar of Yiğitler Raşit Özsağlam said when the maintenance of street lights were made by the municipality, problems were being tackled instantly. Özsağlam said despite that now they were paying the same amount of tax to the Electricity Board, they were not able to get the same attention. Özsağlam said: “We are paying 17TL to the electricity board every month for street lighting. But we are unable to get any service in return. A short while ago we informed that few of our street lights was not working. No one came to fix them.”’ []

One thing missing, in my opinion, is the ability to add comments.

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